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Luminous, my daughter is turning 13 I have gifted her with a 12 day sacred voyage to ancient lands of Avalon in Glastonbury, UK as an initiation into the sacred ways of the Goddess. This was all of her own doing, asking me for months if we can go to Avalon to celebrate her thirteenth birthday with the priestesses of Avalon. After an epic experience with an owl, her animal medicine, I could not back down from this auspicious quest.

Luminous already knew many ancient secrets of Avalon, she was asking for a reminder and insight into what she is to do in this world with her gifts and her talents. She was desiring to be doing what makes her happy all the time to feel fulfilled and on purpose.

Today’s child wants to know why they are here and how to be living their purpose much earlier than most adults ever thought about it. If you find your child anxious, worried or stressed about what they are going to do in their life, don’t worry, this is very normal for the 10-14 year old who is awakening to their inner beauty, they know they are here for a purpose, they just might know what that is. Your guidance and support as a parent or guardian can direct them towards a healthy inner life and a powerful exterior one too.
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