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Are You Looking For Rainbows?

Are You Looking For Rainbows?

I drove down the road and spotted the sun bursting through the grey clouds, it had just poured rain and the thunder cleared the static energy.

I started to get excited and the little girl inside of me started grinning from ear to ear, I started to search the sky for rainbows! There it was, off in the distance, a bright huge rainbow! I pulled over my car to this side of the road and sat giddy, beaming at the sight of the incredible beauty that stood before me. All the colors that make up this world showered itself in a perfect formation of a half circle. Are You Looking For Rainbows? - Deborah Skye King Share on X

A middle aged woman walked by, heavy paced, looking at the pavement, oblivious to the glorious display of life brilliantly glowing in the sky, magic displayed for anyone with eyes to see. But she did not see the same rainbow that I searched for and found.

Why I Love Ovulating + Why You Should Too a Time Of Honoring

Why I Love Ovulating + Why You Should Too a Time Of Honoring

here are 3 phases during ovulation and it’s wonderful if yourself and mate understand what these emotions are and why they show up within a couple of days from each other, polar opposite within your moon cycle.

One day you can be emotionally needy, then wanting to cuddle then wanting to bask in the beauty of love making for hours and within a day pushing your partner away and not wanting to see her/him.

Sound confusing?

It isn’t if you understand your body, her rhythms and your monthly cycle. Your partner will also be able to breath when she/he knows your cycle and can let go of your emotional neediness or rejection when she/he knows that it’s part of your cycle and then can honor that part. I know that when we understand the smaller cycles in our lives we can embrace the larger ones and acknowledge how we operate in our universe instead of getting down on how our emotions or mental thoughts dictate our actions and behaviors.

Sacred Voyage To Avalon Awakening The Goddess Within

Sacred Voyage To Avalon Awakening The Goddess Within

Luminous, my daughter is turning 13 I have gifted her with a 12 day sacred voyage to ancient lands of Avalon in Glastonbury, UK as an initiation into the sacred ways of the Goddess. This was all of her own doing, asking me for months if we can go to Avalon to celebrate her thirteenth birthday with the priestesses of Avalon. After an epic experience with an owl, her animal medicine, I could not back down from this auspicious quest.

Luminous already knew many ancient secrets of Avalon, she was asking for a reminder and insight into what she is to do in this world with her gifts and her talents. She was desiring to be doing what makes her happy all the time to feel fulfilled and on purpose.

Today’s child wants to know why they are here and how to be living their purpose much earlier than most adults ever thought about it. If you find your child anxious, worried or stressed about what they are going to do in their life, don’t worry, this is very normal for the 10-14 year old who is awakening to their inner beauty, they know they are here for a purpose, they just might know what that is. Your guidance and support as a parent or guardian can direct them towards a healthy inner life and a powerful exterior one too.
– See more at:

Stepping Into Your Feminine Power

Stepping Into Your Feminine Power

Now, how do you learn to harness the power within you? To activate or achieve connection to spiritual gifts that you were born into? I say born into or born with because they both have a very distinct and different relationship to who you are.

Born into is being able to recognize that there are some spiritual gifts in your generational lineage. Born with is that you were born with these gifts and you have always used them since you are a young child.

I hear from many women saying that when they were a child, they used to do all this and stop and they did not do it anymore. Then, later on in their life, they begin to feel very disharmonious and very uncomfortable, challenged with life, not connected to their purpose and being really out of alignment to their authentic self. The authentic self is a being that expresses yourself always without being inhibitions, without stopping or controlling herself to the betterment of others.

And so, waking to these spiritual gifts that you have, they can be developed. What happens is, there is a power of yourself that is desiring to explore, to recognize that there is a hidden part of yourself that is waiting. And most women know when this is showing up in their lives because they can feel it. They can recognize that it is some part of themselves that is really desiring to explore life in a very different manner, in a way that allows them to really connect into a more powerful and dedicated, really, part of their lives.
So how do you do this? How do you step into your power? Your power is, from me, power is really connecting to your spiritual gifts because it allows you to communicate more effectively; show up in the world more powerfully; be able to receive reflection of financial gain and also, to be able to deliver and act upon the intuitive awareness that you already have.
Any great leader and any great, successful entrepreneur in the world have always done this; relying on their inner ability to communicate with their self and also being able to tap into their own truth.

That takes a lot of trust. Trust is pretty much a mainframe of how to step into your power. Interesting enough, most people have a very dysfunctional end, non-trusting actual relationship with self because it is something that has been learned, that has been conditioned through time, that has been really infiltrated into society, I mean, literally the get-go are actually giving birth; giving birth the natural way or giving birth through making appointment and showing up at a certain time and having C-section.

There is no definite place on that but it’s a reality in which the body knows how to already do these things. Most institutions would say, “I will schedule a C-section to go out of the way for any complications.” Instead of, “Why don’t we experience the full range of the natural aspect of it?”

This really touches and taps into everything because giving birth is the same as giving the birth to self. It is the same as the maturation cycle of development within the human body, the human emotion, the human intellect, the human physicality, and the human spirit. Pretty much everything on this entire planet has its own cycle of range in birthing, in rebirth, in development, in dying, in exposing itself, in withering, in every treating, in going into its shadow, and going to its light.

When you do this, there are challenges because that is the beauty of birthing oneself. It challenges in a way that it is not going to stop you, but challenge in a way that you have to be aware and recognize what is stopping you. What is stopping you?

So right now, I just love for you to take a piece of paper or jot down on your phone or your computer. Write out and just explore here. Explore with me.
What is stopping me? Write that out. What is stopping me from stepping into my power?

This is the key point. Most people would say money. Money has no place for your stepping into power. You can completely delete that out of your list. I am going to do that right away to you I want you to recognize that money has nothing to do with power.

Power is within you. It is your own. It is not something that’s made up. Money is made up. It is something that you direct, that you focus on, and that you manage. I am just going to put that out right away.

Go back to your list now and just write in. What is it that is stopping me from stepping into my power? And whatever shows up, just write it out. Place it in there and explore. Explore in there what is stopping you from stepping into your power.

Great. Now from here, I want you to name out or even put into the box that you see in page and just name. Name the things that you believe are stopping you from really stepping into your power.

Here are some things that are showing up. It is funny because people still put in money. And then after that, other people, which is an interesting one too, time. Funny. Time is in there. People and money. And see, these are the top three ones. Okay, your health. You got your health in there. Time, again. So interesting, time is always in there. Finances, your boyfriend, parents, culture, confidence and shyness. Thank you. Thanks for putting that in there.

I am just going to go through a couple of these things so that you can have a clear idea of where your conversation with yourself, the communication that you have actually gets a bit distorted.

Now, no one can stop you from stepping into your power and I am going to put in there your boyfriend, your mother or your parents. They can have an infliction of an idea or judgement of what it is you would like to do. But that does not stop you from being in your power because you can still be in your power.
You can say, “Well, they take away my power.” But that is also a part of you allowing that to take place. But in truth, let us get to this. Why is that you feel that your boyfriend, your mother or your parents are actually stopping you from stepping into your power?

Okay, they do not like it. They do not approve. This is always a good one, there’s no approval there. They do not believe what you believe in.
I want you to write deep down Belief and Approval, side by side, one on the left and one on the right. And then when you have these two words together, it is like the belief.
What would people believed. Let us see. They might be religious, and what you want to do is not religious. They might have an idea of what you should be doing in the future or today or now on education and so forth. You write all out that down.

On the other side, the Approval, well, what if you already do not believe what they believe? But this is what they want and you are still seeking. They want your approval.

That is part of the approval process here inside is that you do not want to hurt them because you do not approve. But actually in essence, you are getting hurt by actually not stepping into your power. So truly, you are giving away your power to something that does not even mean anything. Because in truth, what you feel is going to hurt them as actually hurting him and it is your life.

If you go through this on all of them, you will see how there is a pattern of this belief that it is not even true. When you believe in the Approval process of this, it is one thing and then, the actual other dispels the illusion of what you think you believeor what others believe with you.

So with your boyfriend. He disagrees, right? So you go down to the belief. So belief, okay? He disagrees with what you believe in, but they prove apart. Do you need his approval? No, you do not. Oh, you do? And if you do, why do you need his approval?

If you want to stay on a relationship with him, he needs to approve of what you are doing. Why? Is not that a good match? Does it work for both of you? So, this is a way that you can look at, “What is stopping me from being my power, from stepping into your power?”

When you do this simple exercise which you are going to find, is that you are actually creating your own excuses and then, actually delivering these excuses to outside things. You are delivering them to an experience which actually truly is not real even though you believe it is, it is not.

Stepping into your power is actually relationship that you have with yourself. Stepping into your power is a conversation, a relationship that you have with yourself every single moment. It is making choices. It is learning how to have a conversation that is beneficial to you, of taking an action, having a thought. And then, actually moving towards that or bringing to you either one.

Let us go with another one here. What is stopping you from stepping into your power? Time. Okay. So let us just say your belief is that you do not have any time. But you have time to listen to this which shows me and assures me that you actually do have time because you are creating time for yourself which is actually just an experience. You are creating an experience for yourself to learn from.

How is it that, at the end of the day or throughout the entire day, you have no time per se in your belief, to actually step into your power with every single moment? Every single moment you are given the opportunity to step into your power. But you are creating the excuse of building a bubble or a square box around time and referencing it to a location that, “When I am doing this, I do not have any space for myself so I cannot step in my power.”

You are creating this box and saying, “That is when I am disempowered and then when I am complete, I am too tired to actually be in my power.”
The relationship here is very discorded because you are looking at it from the perspective of, “I can be this way” and that “I can be that way.” But in all moments, which is your time, you have the ability to step into your power in every single emotion, every single thought, and every action that you do.

One is unconscious, one is conscious. You are creating a belief that you have a box around you, and that it is secular to this moment. “I cannot do this because I am doing something else.” But in that “something else”, you still have the ability to step into your power but you are not doing that because you think in your belief that, that is reserved for that experience only and that there is no room to actually step into your power in that moment.

So you have divided and separated your reality to be based on what you believe. But truly you have at any moment, opportunity, and experience to step into your power.
So how do we change this? How is it that you can step into your power in every moment and learn? And here is I think the most important power is learning to access your spiritual gift. Because when you do, you are stepping into your power.

See, most people believe that spiritual gifts are for the chosen, for the few, for the people who really are directing their life into spiritual beings, or living a lifestyle dedicated at. And then, people who are going to jobs and work, and pay check.

Again, in the belief of “I cannot do that because I am doing this. I cannot do that because I am doing that. I cannot do that because I am over here doing this, that I can have that and this at the same time.”

You are spiritual. You are a spirit embodied in the human form, in the biology, in the organic matter of elements and materials that make up your component of a being which is the human. And the spirit within you animates it all.

When you are connected to the essence of your spirit, what happens is that, you get to live through it in the human being, the human experience. When you are not connected to the spirit within you, you are disconnected and you are in a condition state and unconscious, where you make excuses and you blame, and you have all these other things, exterior motives of why you cannot do what is already inside of you.

Learn how to access your spiritual gifts, so that you can step into your power. Let us begin. Now let us take that piece of paper that you have and write down on the left-hand side, what are our spiritual gifts and start naming off a couple. And then, maybe five things that you think are spiritual gifts.

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