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I drove down the road and spotted the sun bursting through the grey clouds, it had just poured rain and the thunder cleared the static energy.

I started to get excited and the little girl inside of me started grinning from ear to ear, I started to search the sky for rainbows! There it was, off in the distance, a bright huge rainbow! I pulled over my car to this side of the road and sat giddy, beaming at the sight of the incredible beauty that stood before me. All the colors that make up this world showered itself in a perfect formation of a half circle. Are You Looking For Rainbows? - Deborah Skye King Click To Tweet

A middle aged woman walked by, heavy paced, looking at the pavement, oblivious to the glorious display of life brilliantly glowing in the sky, magic displayed for anyone with eyes to see. But she did not see the same rainbow that I searched for and found.

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