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Sacred Soul Healing

I support you in healing pain and trauma that has held you back unconsciously from communicating honestly, trusting your body wisdom and leading with confidence to express your authentic self.

Remembering Who You Are ~ A Magical, Mystical & Powerful Hu'Myn 

Evolutionary Ancient Wisdom Teachings with Deborah Skye King

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Altering the way you move, feel and see is an exploration into the ancient one who dwells within, who knows you well and who is able to guide you to the perfect sacred soul weaving.


The rocks, trees, fungi, plants, flowers and herbs all have their own language that can be interpreted and received when a person has opened up her pathways of intuition, perception and accessed deeper realms of earths connectivity.


This field has been disrupted over the last 2.5 million years, she needs to merge back with her core radiance field of intelligence. She is reaching out to the human species to assist n the re-balancing of this field.


She is asking for you to merge your higher senses into your body and heart thereby awakening the warrior fire within.

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